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Watsco Inc. is the largest distributor of air conditioning,heating, and refrigeration products in the Americas.

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Reference Information - Earnings Per Share

Analyst Forecasts - Earnings Per Share

Last Month Revisions
Last Month Revisions
Fiscal Period Mean High Low Median # of Estimates # Up # Down Mean % Change
Annual Dec 25 16.33 18.69 13.30 16.18 12 -- 1 -0.21
Annual Dec 24 14.92 15.90 13.06 14.96 14 -- -- --
Annual Dec 23 14.00 14.35 13.69 13.99 14 1 -- -0.05
Quarterly Mar 24 2.77 3.17 2.22 2.71 9 -- 1 -0.28
Quarterly Jun 24 4.64 4.91 4.22 4.67 9 -- 1 0.07
Quarterly Sep 24 4.76 5.25 4.28 4.82 9 1 -- -0.62
Quarterly Dec 23 2.45 2.75 2.17 2.47 12 1 -- -0.47

Actuals - Earnings Per Share

Reported Mean Estimate Surprise % Change
Annual Dec 22 15.41 14.00 10.11
Annual Dec 21 10.78 10.49 2.72
Annual Dec 20 7.01 6.82 2.80
Quarterly Sep 23 4.35 4.29 1.49
Quarterly Jun 23 4.42 4.93 -10.26
Quarterly Mar 23 2.83 2.36 19.75
Quarterly Dec 22 3.55 2.12 67.31

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Corporate Governance

  • Albert H. Nahmad

    Chief Executive Officer

    Albert H. Nahmad is our visionary founder, and has been our leader, Chairman, and CEO since 1972. He has been instrumental in shaping Watsco’s entrepreneurial culture, expanding our business through acquisitions, and fostering strategic business relationships. Under his leadership, Watsco has grown from a market capitalization of $22 million in 1989 to $9.8 billion at the end of 2022, generating a compounded annual growth rate of total shareholder return of 18%. As an industry leader, Watsco now serves more than 120,000 active contractor customers through a network of 673 locations.

    • Aaron (A.J.) Nahmad


      Aaron J. (A.J.) Nahmad joined Watsco in 2005 and has been our President since 2016 and a director since 2011. A.J. has played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of innovation within the Company, leading to the development of advanced technology platforms that prioritize our customer-experience and modernization of outdated business processes into digital, data-driven processes. With a team of over 240 technologists, the Company continues to invest in technology adoption and use by customers, leaders, and managers throughout the marketplace. A.J. holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He is the son of Albert H. Nahmad.

      • Barry S. Logan

        Executive Vice President

        Barry S. Logan joined Watsco in 1992 and serves as the Executive Vice President & Secretary, responsible for leading the Company's strategic initiatives and business development efforts. He has held various leadership roles during his career, including serving as Chief Financial Officer from 1997 to 2003. Barry was Watsco’s fourth corporate employee and is an integral participant in the Company’s business development initiatives, financial, and other strategic activities. He is also the principal contact for engagement with our shareholders.

        • Ana M. Menendez

          Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

          Ana M. Menendez joined Watsco in 1998 and has served as our Chief Financial Officer since 2003, as Assistant Secretary since 1999, and as Treasurer since 1998. As a certified public accountant, Ana oversees all financial and accounting aspects of our Company, including taxes, risk management, benefits, treasury and cash management, the system of internal control, and other compliance activities. Ana also provides strategic guidance and direction to our Company’s operations and, over her career, has established important partnerships with our primary financial institutions. She is a former member and board chair of the Miami branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.