Code of Conduct

Executive Code of Conduct

Watsco's Executive Code of Conduct is applicable for all directors, executive officers and other identified employees of Watsco and its subsidiaries. It is designed to reaffirm and further implement Watsco's standing policy of strict observance of all laws and ethical standards.

This Code of Conduct is intended to influence how each executive operates in the work place and to identify areas where, if additional guidance is needed, such guidance can be received. It also serves to ensure that those individuals in executive positions within Watsco serve as role models for all employees.

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Employee Code of Business Ethics & Conduct

Watsco's Employee Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is applicable for all employees. Watsco operates within a comprehensive plan of corporate governance for the purpose of defining responsibilities, setting high standards of professional and personal conduct and assuring compliance with such responsibilities and standards. These standards have not been established solely for legal purposes, but rather as a means of developing continuity in thought and action for business practices and standards throughout Watsco and its subsidiaries.

It is our desire that all employees will act in such a way that the morality of their decisions is not in question. As such, internal practices are regularly reviewed and developments in the area of corporate governance are monitored.

All Watsco employees must complete an Annual Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Training which is offered in English, Spanish and French to ensure everyone understands and complies with our Ethical Principles. In addition, we require employees to complete annual anti-harassment training and, for targeted roles, anti-trust and anti-bribery training.

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