Investor Overview

Watsco, with our extensive distribution network, provides indoor comfort to homes and businesses regardless of conditions.


Over the last 25 years Watsco has become the undisputed industry leader producing a 21% compounded annual total shareholder return.


Learn about our performance and what makes us the industry leader.

Stock Information

Our Common stock is listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “WSO” and our Class B common stock is listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “WSOB”

Corporate Governance

The primary role of Watsco’s Board of Directors is to oversee our business strategy, assess and manage risks and maximize long-term shareholder value

Investor Resources

Our Investor Resources page give you insight into our company’s culture and how it increases performance.

Albert H. Nahmad

Chairman Albert H. Nahmad has been the visionary and leader of Watsco for over 40 years, having served as our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 1972. Among his many contributions, Mr. Nahmad has been instrumental in the scaling of our business through acquisitions, the cultivation of strategic vendor relationships, and the development of Watsco’s entrepreneurial culture. In 1988 Mr. Nahmad made the decision to pivot the Company’s strategic focus from manufacturing to distribution of HVAC/R products. Since that time, Watsco’s market capitalization has grown from $22 million to $4.1 billion, and its 25-year compounded annual growth rate of total shareholder return has been 19.6%, ranking Watsco #40 out of 1,297 public companies with a market capitalization of over $2 billion. With revenues exceeding $4 billion in 2015, Watsco has solidified its place as the industry leader and now has approximately 5,000 employees serving 90,000 contractor customers through a branch network of nearly 600 locations.
Chairman of the Board